Since being founded in 1998 as a partnership, Progress Framework has been designing complex platforms to deliver educational content and assist the learning process within established online learning projects such as Szkoła z klasą, Nauczyciel z klasą, Uczniowie z klasą, Akademia Uczniowska, Nauczycielska Akademia Internetowa, Akademia Nauczycieli and Szkoła Marzeń, details of which can be found below. We have implemented over 20 unparalleled e-learning platforms for our clients and designed tests and a polling platform enabling the 360 feedback method, as utilised by FranklinCovey and Door International around the world. At the same time, we design bespoke courses, tests and activities for our clients. Our programming experience includes designing an investment fund transaction management platform for, among others, Progress24.pl, as well as a banking portal for Santander Consumer Bank. We possess the knowledge, tools and the expert team with extensive experience of both technology and teaching methodologies required to fulfil any needs.

Along with our partners:
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we run projects for some of the most prestigious clients in Poland and abroad.

Our work makes use of:

  • Cutting-edge technology and solutions in the field of e-learning and e-resources from Adobe, Apple, iSpring Solutions and Google, including their distribution and update, as well as innovative methods for multiple-format conversion and the production of interactive learning materials
  • Unique knowledge and, through close cooperation with the Door Group, the ability to tap into an international network of training specialists in 90 countries, including the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia
  • Programmers experienced in designing complex learning platforms for educational programmes, as detailed below, platforms to measure potential in 13 countries by Franklin Covey, e-learning platforms and portals for higher education institutions, local authorities and commercial clients such as Santander Consumer Bank, Teleko and Liberty
  • A team of educationalists, trainers and consultants
  • A research team led by Dr Paweł Trojanowski from the Sociology Institute, University of Wroclaw to monitor the quality of delivered projects

Among our clients are: Santander Consumer Bank; Warsaw Study Center; Sociology Institute – University of Wroclaw; Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej; Fundacja Agory; Poznańska Szkoła Wyższa i Języków; Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Zamościu; Liberty Poland; Teleko; Door Group; Franklin Covey; Centrum Edukacyjne Libra; Gmina Bieżuń; Gmina Glinojeck; Gmina Opinogóra Górna; Gmina Radzymin; Gmina Regimin; Gmina Sońsk; Urząd Gminy w Stupsku; Gmina Węgorzewo; Miasto i Gmina Wyszogród.


Web-based platforms to support national learning programmes for Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej, Fundacja Agory and others.

Szkoła z klasą

LEGO, COGITO, AGO, a national programme for elementary, middle and high schools incorporating 13,460 scripts and interactive presentations created by teachers themselves, and a further 4,800 items prepared by pupils across 1,130 schools. Integrated to the Gazeta.pl portal.

Nauczyciel z klasą I, II

2 editions (2005/’06 & 2006/’07) of a programme focussed on teachers’ work and the development of the ‘Four Skills Model’, making classes more attractive and enhancing pupils’ participation.

Uczniowie z klasą I, II

This programme was designed for pupils who independently took on school projects. 30,000 pupils participated in the programme and 5,929 projects were completed in the course of two editions (2006/’07 and 2007/’08).

Przejrzysta Polska I

A programme for local authorities. A communication platform to facilitate education, information exchange and the approval and registration of projects. About 800 local authorities participated in the programme.

Nauczycielska Akademia Internetowa

NAI features web-based courses on key areas for teachers varying from assessment and motivation to the use of cutting-edge technology in classes. Over 400 schools have already taken up the programme.

Akademia Uczniowska

The programme aims to introduce new curriculum themes into the classroom. By 2014 37,000 pupils from 300 middle schools will have been involved in the project.

Ocenianie Kształtujące w Akademii SUS

The programme was targeted at teachers of all age-groups, subjects and levels. An assessment technique based on providing detailed feedback to pupils, it helped to improve the effectiveness of the learning process.

Szkoła Marzeń

This programme was a part of the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development from the European Social Fund and aimed to provide equal education opportunities to schools from rural areas. The programme involved hundreds of schools across Poland.