E-learning and interactive publishing

Our team has been developing interactive courses, tests and exercises since 1998, implementing in-house learning platforms in addition to providing access to existing software frameworks. As a partner of the Door Group and Door International, we are able to offer the support of 30 certified trainers in Poland, and a further 1000 trainers and consultants in 90 countries across the globe.

Publishing platforms

For the past two years we have been devising both innovative means of multiple-format text conversion and materials designed for computers, tablets, mobile phones and interactive whiteboards, including online courses, textbooks, magazines, catalogues and guides. Using the experience accumulated over ten years we are able to design platforms for even the biggest educational projects.

Sound recording and educational film production

We provide high quality sound recording and radio plays, guaranteeing a distinctive voiceover and extraordinary tone, thoughtfully performed and produced. We also have the ability to provide film crews and equipment.